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Story Title: From The Mouth of Avengers (and a Super-Villain)
Series Title: Matrix Legends
Characters/Pairings: Fury, Steve, Thor, Bruce, Tony, Pepper, Coulson, Natasha, Clint, and Loki
Warnings: Some mentions of violence
Summary: Each member of the Avengers and a few others reflect on their feelings about Logan Stark.
Timeline: Set in Avengers movie-verse
Notes: 3rd short story from the extended/deleted scenes collection of my "Matrix Legends" series

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Movie-Verse Fanfic Series Updates

Research had yielded some upcoming changes to storylines and timeline

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Writer's Block: American Censorship Day!

I totally do not support this at all! We are not China, what happened to our rights and freedoms? If we censor the internet, then what's next? We can't let bills like this slowly encroach on our freedom until it's all gone! I'm all for more monitoring and taking down copyrighted content that we do now, but not a bill like this!
Today, Congress holds hearings on the first American Internet censorship system. This bill can pass. If it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same. [Learn more here.] Do you support this bill?

Those Who Stand In The Shadows

Story Title: Those Who Stand In The Shadows
Series Title: Matrix Legends
Characters/Pairings: Logan, Loki, Thor (mention), Tony (mention), Odin (mention)
Warnings: Violence, Slight Language
Timeline: Set in Avengers movie-verse
Notes: Second short story from the extended/deleted scenes collection of my "Matrix Legends" series

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Moments of Comfort

Story Title: Moments of Comfort
Series Title: Matrix Legends
Pairings/Characters: Steve, Logan, Tony (mention), Loki (mention)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slight Language
Timeline: Set in the Avengers movie-verse
Notes: Inspired by my Tumblr photoset and a scene from the Avengers trailer.

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Matrix Legends Tumblr Photosets!

Here are all the photosets I made my Matrix Legends series (set in Iron Man/Avengers movie universe) that I am transferring from Tumblr! I have also posted the tumblr links where you can see them! ENJOY!

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A Convenient Target

Story Title: A Convenient Target

Series Title: Matrix Legends

Pairing/Characters: Logan, Tony, Ivan, Hammer, Happy, Natasha (Natalie), Rhodey mention, Tony/Pepper

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Drug usage, kidnapping, threats, violence, language

Timeline: Sets during the events of Iron Man 2

Summary: A simple school trip will put a young teen in the line of fire.

Notes: This is the first short story in a collection of ficlets that I will post for the "Matrix Legends" series. Think of these short ficlets as deleted scenes or extended scenes. Some will be incorporated into the full chapter series, some might not.


Logan Lerman as Logan Edward Hughes-Stark


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Another Day of Mourning

A death on Law and Order UK changes everything...

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Series Title: Matrix Legends

Summary: Everyone knows the story of Tony Stark, the billionaire genius who became the hero, Iron Man. But no one knows the story of Logan Stark, the younger teen cousin standing in Tony's shadows, who learned to forge his own path, create his own legend, and one day become the hero that the Avengers can't live without. This is his story.

Notes: This is the main events and character history timeline for my fanfic universe for this series. It is my version of the timeline to the Stark family and birth of both Tony Stark and my character Logan Hughes-Stark. The timeline is set in accordance with the movie-verse and information is gathered to the best of my knowledge from the two Iron Man films and the recently released Captain America film.

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Best Tuesday Ever!